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Dead World is an upcoming 2018 horror novel written by Ryan Ray Martinus Lee and published through the computer program Blurb. The story features Ryan himself alongside Ashleigh Yzerman, Jonathan Martin Hicks, Caleb Meyerhoff, Leah Antonides, Karsten Seidel, Taylor Williamson, Sydney Paul and special guest star Olivia Hastings Holt. The story is set in a post-apocalyptic world infested with hyper-aggressive, fast-moving zombies called Nightwalkers, and follows Ryan as he rallies a group of Survivors in his quest to help Olivia discover the fate of her family and ultimately find somewhere safe from the undead legions. The Nightwalkers are based on the infected from the 2007 science fiction horror film I Am Legend, with their superhuman strength and speed being comparable to Vampires.

Plot Edit

The story opens with Ryan Lee surveying the desolate city of Los Angeles, California. Jonathan questions Ryan's decision to search the city, and it is revealed that Ryan made a promise to the third member of their party, Olivia Holt: that he would do everything he possibly could to help her discover the fate of her family. Despite Jonathan's objections, they proceed to travel into the abandoned ruins where it soon becomes evident that the city is infested by the dead, nicknamed "Nightwalkers" by survivors of the outbreak. When Olivia questions the chances that her family survived, Ryan does his best to convince her to not lose hope. Determined to fulfill his promise, Ryan instructs Jonathan to check out the nearby shopping centre for supplies while he goes with Olivia to check out the Holt residence. The two Survivors make it to the neighborhood without problem, and arrive at the Holt residence to find the house completely abandoned except for a few dead corpses. Olivia begins to lose hope, but Ryan points out that the only corpses present are those of the Nightwalkers and none human. He suggests that her family might have sought refuge elsewhere in the city, and that there's still a chance they could be alive. As they prepare to leave, a single Nightwalker surfaces and attacks them, but Olivia quickly dispatches the Nightwalker.

Cast Edit

  • Ryan Lee
  • Olivia Holt
  • Jonathan Hicks
  • Ashleigh Yzerman
  • Caleb Meyerhoff
  • Leah Antonides
  • Karsten Seidel
  • Taylor Williamson
  • Sydney Paul

Deaths Edit

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Notes Edit

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